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Brilliant Breakthroughs

We kick off this event with Brilliant Breakthroughs and focus on your personal and professional development. Learn how to establish the winning behaviors through concious actions and become the best YOU! 

Machen is a #1 best-selling author and creator of the highly successful Power of Coaching book series.

Effective Planning Solutions

In everything we do, we believe you deserve to recommend product solutions with absolute confidence so your clients can experience true, financial peace-of-mind. 

Learn how to address your clients three greatest financial concerns including longevity, legacy, and long-term care.

Day 1

Focus: Professional Development

11:15AM Event Check-in & Lunch Check-in and lunch with the FPG team.

12:30PM The Year in Review Presented by Machen MacDonald Gratitude and celebration are powerful forces of ongoing success. They set the tone for increased growth and breakthroughs. 

In this segment you will:

  • Capture all your wins and successes for 2018 (both the obvious wins and hidden wins)
  • Identify your success and failure patters in your life and business
  • Learn what to stop doing that keeps you from greater success
  • Discover and start doing what you know must be done to accelerate your success
  • Continue executing on your current brilliance while increasing leverage and scale
  • Get closure on 2018 (you will identify what worked for you and what did not)

01:30PM Break 15 minute break

1:45PM Planning from the Summit Presented by Machen MacDonald Increased clarity, certainty, confidence, and capacity are the foundational elements on which greatness is built. Prepare mentally and emotionally for your ultimate year.

In this segment you will: 

  • Create a clear and compelling future vision of what is possible and achievable for you personally and professionally over the next 3-5 years 
  • Fully understand your purpose and how you are naturally wired to succeed as a trusted advisor to your IDEAL clients and leader of your team
  • Develop mission critical and inspiring SMART Key Performance Indicators that pass your ACID test Learn how to bring forth and capture your best strategic thinking to direct you and your team to achieve your objectives with confidence 
  • Simplify and systemaize the work that you need to perform in 2019 to have your best year yet 
  • Be insprired and have a clear plan for accelearing your success

03:15PM TBD Presented by TBD 

03:45PM Life Insurance as an Asset Class Presented by William Wright, CFP® Learn how to provide double-digit returns, guaranteed for 20-25 years, using an alternative asset class. RIA's and Investment Managers love this planning solution! 

04:00PM Pension Match Presented by Justin Wright, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® Do you have clients with a defined benefit plan who need help selecting the most suitable payout options? FPG has created a technique called "Pension Match", which helps with the benefit selection process, reduces risk to your clients, and saves them money. 

04:30PM Break 10 minute break  

04:40PM Perspective Presented by William Wright, CFP® In a world of attention, it's important to have perspective. Learn how highly successful professionals use perspective as a tool to help their clients and their business.

05:15PM Calibration & Closing Remarks Presented by William Wright, CFP® & Machen MacDonald Don't let the momentum of the day get away. William and Machen provide closing remarks before dinner.

06:15PM Dinner at Peppino's on the Lake Join us as we celebrate the end of day 1.

Day 2

Focus: Planning Solutions

08:30AM Coffee & Check-In Enjoy a cup of coffee and check-in for day 2.

08:45AM Performing | The Art of Discovery Presented by: William Wright, CFP® What is your discovery process? How are you engaging clients to share their biggest financial concerns so that you can help with the solution? Learn why you need an effective discovery process.

09:15AM TBD Presented by: TBD 

09:45AM Annuities at Their Best Presented by: Mike Van Horn Have your clients said "annuities are confusing?" Have they heard "annuities are bad?" Do you feel like you are still not convinced of the true value of annuities? Learn why Annuities at Their Best will change the way you present your next annuity solution.

10:30AM Break 10 minute break

10:40AM LifeComp Presented by: Justin Wright,CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® Lean about a valuable supplemental benefit that is financially attractive for your business owner clients. This advanced planning technique utilizes a loan regime split-dollar to benefit the participant and the sponsoring employer.

11:30AM Preserving Assets & Ensuring a Legacy Presented by: Lauren Wright Learn how to protect your clients from the risk of living too long, dying too soon, or getting sick along the way and assure the legacy they desire for the next generation

12:00PM Lunch 45 minute lunch break  

12:45PM Life Made Easy Presented by: Greg Reed How do you approach the life insurance discussion with your clients? Do you find that your efforts are not yielding the results you want? Life Made Easy will help change how you introduce the topic with your clients.

01:30PM Perspective | The Gracious Advisor Presented by: William Wright, CFP® How can graciousness impact your business? Learn how being gracious can impact your success.

02:00PM Calibrations & Closing Remarks Presented by: Machen MacDonald & William Wright, CFP® Machen and William discuss the next steps, actions, and provide closing remarks.

02:45PM Adjourn End of Event

Event Presenters

William Wright Founder | President FPG

Lauren Wright Vice President FPG

Machen MacDonald President ProBrilliance 

Chris Shuba Founder Helios Quantitative

Justin Wright, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® Director, Life Insurance Marketing FPG

Greg Reed Director, Life Insurance Marketing FPG

Mike Van Horn Director, Annuity Marketing FPG


Staybridge Suites Irvine East/Lake Forest

2 Orchard Lake Forest, CA 92630 949.462.9500

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to attend this event?

No , there is no charge for this event. 

Do I need to book a room?

Yes, you will be responsible for your travel and accomodations for this event. We suggest staying at the venue location to use our group discount. 

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes, questions are encourged during the event. We will do our best to address all questions during our event or shortly after via email. 

Will there be WiFi available?

WiFi will be available and login information will be provided at event check-in.

Do you provide other forms of professional education?

Yes, FPG is known as one of the industry leaders for teaching financial professionals how to work efficiently IN and ON on their business through webinars, workshops, and 2-day schools held throughout the country.

For more informaton visit www.fpgonline.com/events.